We provide custom draught lines, taps and service plans so that your beer can taste its best

Industry Knowledge

Innovation and Design

Custom Fabrication

Why Choose HubertusBiere?

Supporting Quality Draught Beer Since 2016

For decades, the way people pour their beer has not changed. After years of study and innovation, we have perfected the way beer was meant to be poured. Our extensive knowledge and experience covers you all the way from cooler to bar top. Now we can share this with you and your customers. Let us help you provide great tasting beer.

Cleaning Process

We have everything it takes to clean your system completely and effectively

Consistent Servicing

Ongoing maintenance and technical support with exceptional customer service

Industry Knowledge

We know draught systems for beer, wine, cocktails, coffee, tea, kombucha, or other beverages.


Our end-to-end service doesn’t actually have an end date.

We Have A Thirst For Pouring The Perfect Beer!

At HubertusBiere, we have a thirst for pouring the perfect beer, for us, for you, for your customers.

When a Braumeister brews a beer, the beer is designed to be poured and tasted a certain way. We take the same care and passion when assembling draught systems so you can pour the beer the Braumeister intended.

We have taken our knowledge for building fast cars and fused that with our love for beer. Our unique combination of advanced skillsets in engineering, fabrication, plumbing, electrical and HVAC enables us to push the envelope on every draught beer system we install.

Our Services

We Custom-Build To Put Perfection Into A Glass

Much like a well-tuned pitcrew, the HubertusBiere team is cross trained so that each team member with the intent to constantly deliver excellence in everything we do

Draught Line Servicing

Over a decade of study focused on making sure your draught system is balanced and pouring a proper pint.

Draught And Cooler Installations

Custom draught system and cooler installations to deliver tasty beer from keg to glass.

Custom Built Towers

The customer experience begins at first glance. We love innovation, challenge us with your vision!

Glycol System Installation And Management

We supply, install, and service all the major glycol systems and equipment found in the business.

Certification Program

We hold very tall standards to keep their systems working to perfection. Contact us directly if you would like to be certified by HubertusBiere.

Brewery Startups

Ground-up builds, guidance, and project management to navigate building a brewery.

Some of Our Customers and Memberships...

Missouri Craft Brewers Guild
Draught Guard
Bluewood Brewing
Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
4 Hands Brewing Co
Heavy Riff Brewing

We Build Custom Towers

We design and fabricate custom beer towers so that your bar or brewery can have:

  • Improved Flow Control
  • Branding and Aesthetic
  • Durability
  • Temperature Control
  • Tailored to Your Setup

Custom beer towers can be a great addition to a commercial brewing operation or a personal brewing setup, as they can improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, and set the business apart from competitors.

HubertusBiere Customer Locations

HubertusBiere Customer Locations


What they say

Marie Jones 


These 2 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your business, so they should focus on how great the products are and why they are worth trusting.

Clara parker


These 2 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your business, so they should focus on how great the products are and why they are worth trusting.